Players Media Workshop hosted by QSL

Players Media Workshop hosted by QSL
The Qatar Stars League today ran a workshop highlighting the media duties that QSL players have to undertake. The event was held in the presence of QSL CEO Hani Taleb Ballan, and Mohammed Ahmed Al-Abdullah Director of Sports affairs for the QSL.

The event, which also saw sides from the Qatar Gas League take part, had two key speakers who delivered lectures on the importance of media duties to the players. The event started with a brief overview of the exact roles and responsibilities of the players with the media during match day.

After the brief conversation, the first speaker in the form of Majid Khulaifi the editor of local magazine Doha Stadium was invited up to the stage. Khulaifi spoke at length of the importance of maintaining a strong, positive relationship with the media insisting that it is in both the players and media’s best interest to work together for the good of football in Qatar.

Following Mr Khulaifi’s speech, the second speaker was invited to the stage in the form of Ahmed Khalil a sports presenter at Bein Sports. As a former footballer, Khalil gave the players a unique insight into professionally dealing with the media. Again stressing on the points raised by Mr Khulaifi, Khalil insisted that players can use their experiences with the media to improve themselves and raise their personal profile in the game. The former goalkeeper also noted that players should be actively looking to have strong relationships with the media, also stressing that players should be constantly aware of the content they are posting via their social media accounts.