QNB Stars League Week 20 Pre-Match Press Conference — Al Sailiya


Al Sailiya coach Sami Trabelsi spoke to the media ahead of their QNB Stars League Week 20 match against Al Gharafa.

“This is an important game for both teams as Al Gharafa already occupy the fourth spot and we are trying to be back there after staying there pretty longer. And Umm Salal are ahead of us, in the fifth position.

“Al Gharafa have improved a lot under Bulent Uygun. When we faced against each other in the first phase, they were in eighth or ninth position and we were fourth. But they made many improvements in their game and a couple of new players joined them, and that made the difference.

“Unfortunately, we could not improve much in the second phase. Our problem is within. It is about the psychological aspect of the players. They must be entering the field and playing with full concentration. They must have a big mentality to overcome the difficulties.

“You have seen our performance in the first phase of the competition. We were one of the best few teams. Still, we are trying to finish in the fourth position,” said Trabelsi.